this is the story of beeline and the career milestones that brought me to this point


My name is Brenda Mahedy and I am pleased to be doing business as Beeline Studio. I am a senior-level executive who excels at defining marketing strategy, but who also enjoys rolling up the sleeves to produce the content and implement the programs that fulfill the strategy.

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Don’t let the name “Beeline” fool you. It’s been a long and winding road to get where I am today, but every twist and turn has added dimension to my professional story. Beeline Studio harnesses my experience in a wide-range of marketing disciplines to help Beeline clients tell their own stories in the most direct and effective ways.


So far, my marketing career has spanned high-tech to non-profits, and it has taken me from Denver to San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Milan, Dallas, Las Vegas, London, Washington D.C., and Perugia. I’ve matured from the junior staffer organizing home tours to a senior leader developing digital marketing strategies that help put brands on the map. The journey has prepared me for Beeline Studio and the road ahead.

The common thread through every phase of my career is a penchant for content. But, my natural inclination to create content and shape one’s story emerged even earlier in my life.


my natural inclination to create content and shape one’s story emerged even earlier in my life

While in college, I managed campus-election promotions and served as the head of public relations for an international student exchange group called AIESEC—an organization that raises local internships for qualified students overseas. Those two roles offered valuable experience with helping individuals to persuade others through vastly different styles of content: catchy taglines on a poster for the former and comprehensive corporate presentations for the latter.

Upon graduating from university, I moved to Italy to become an English teacher and help students communicate – an adventure which also roused the “explorer gene” in me. When I returned to the US, I dabbled in the non-profit sector, developing informative and persuasive B2C materials to support people living with a life-threatening disease and, separately, to protect historic architecture.

These roles taught me to be resourceful and to truly understand my audience so that I could articulate messaging that wouldn't just resonate, but would inspire action.


I transitioned to the high-tech industry in “Y2K”– just after the world’s computer systems successfully rolled their internal clocks from 1999 to 2000 and a collective sigh of relief resounded far and wide. Technology was booming and reinventing commerce. At that time, I worked on the marketing team for a fast-paced company that was making great strides in custom software development and intricate networking projects to buttress dot-coms of all shapes and sizes. The market was thriving. Business aspirations and technical capabilities repeatedly one-upped each other in a perpetual dance of progress.

This experience shaped my story by teaching me that marketing content is never "done" -- it requires constant renovation.

In the span of just two years, headcount had grown 5-fold.  Shortly before the dot-com-bust reared its ugly head, I was asked to spearhead the company’s internal branding and communications programs.  Working side-by-side with the CEO, we initiated a program of town halls, fireside chats, and an intranet to unite the burgeoning team towards a common vision. This role offered a new perspective on my audience and their unique motivations, especially when my job shifted to boosting morale amid several waves of layoffs. 


through this arduous experience, I learned to be authentic, genuine and sensitive with the content I produced.

At this point, I began working for a dot-com in the legal space –, to be precise. While my role was largely devoted to B2B product marketing for seven litigation software packages, I also managed creative services for a $1,000,000 annual advertising budget. Among other things, I learned to tailor brand-compliant content for different formats and to develop content with ROI in mind.

Through a twist of fate, one of the company’s biggest competitors acquired my division and I was asked to lead the marketing for what had previously been my greatest “foe”, so to speak. The invitation was incredible validation of my work, and it taught me to adapt and to mold a potentially awkward situation into a compelling and positive brand story.


it taught me to adapt and to mold a potentially awkward situation into a compelling and positive brand story.

The acquiring company was then bought by one of the titans of the legal technology industry. In addition to participating on the integration team to successfully merge our boutique company with the behemoth corporation, my role expanded to include both software and services, as well as additional market segments on which to focus. This honed my ability to apply various forms of tailored content to inspire an internal audience while simultaneously engaging external audiences.

The next frontier in my career development broadened my horizons to Europe. I led the North American marketing division of a Dutch eDiscovery software company and became immersed in the law and practicalities of handling evidence, and how those vital topics relate to technology.


i learned to convey complex information in technical RFP responses and translate that same understanding into marketable business language.

The next progression in my career presented me with one of the greatest opportunities and greatest challenges as a marketing professional. I led the global marketing initiatives for a London-based legal software and services firm that doubled-down on word-of-mouth marketing over more predictable, push marketing strategies. We developed a sophisticated, track-able inbound program that used premium content to successfully intertwine public relations, social media and lead generation programs. 

This taught me the true art of content marketing, the practicalities of KPI's, and strategies for program success.

I'm lining up all those twists and turns to embark on Beeline Studio. My story is still unfolding, and I’m taking it on the road. I hope you’ll join me.