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Mary Mack, Executive Director, ACEDS

“Brenda Mahedy listens attentively, creates a high-level plan and manages the details. Perhaps most unique is her sales-focus rather than solely excelling at branding and communications. I’ve had the pleasure of being a colleague of Brenda’s in the past and a client of Beeline Studio. I’d recommend Brenda and Beeline Studio to any company seeking marketing services done right, thoroughly and thoughtfully.”


Graham Smith-Bernal, CEO, Opus 2

“I have worked with Brenda Mahedy off-and-on since 2005 and I consider her to be an exceptional marketing professional. As the Head of Marketing for two of my software companies, Brenda spearheaded the development of the departments and repeatedly demonstrated creative talent as well as a mastery of marketing strategy and operations. I’m confident that Brenda Mahedy’s Beeline Studio clients will be impressed by her well-rounded capabilities.”


Andrea Douglas, CEO, Nighthawk

"I engaged Beeline Studio on the company’s opening day to enlist Brenda Mahedy’s professional services. Having worked together on creative projects for more than a decade, I knew Brenda was the ideal consultant to complete a particularly intense project. Just as I’d witnessed in our previous collaborations, Brenda was incredibly thorough during a rigorous audit of a government program and then thoughtful and strategic in her development of a 5-year marketing plan for the client. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Brenda and Beeline Studio again.”


Chris Morton, Board Director

“Brenda Mahedy is not only a talented content marketer, but she has a proven ability to integrate herself into established teams and processes, and drive results. While I’ve witnessed these strengths in a large corporate environment, I’m sure she has an equally-positive impact during all Beeline Studio consulting engagements. Perhaps the best testament to my confidence in Brenda Mahedy is that I’ve already referred business to Beeline Studio.”


Jeff Parkhurst, Product Marketing, Hewlett-Packard

Brenda is at the intersection of marketing and technology, with the ability to synthesize planning, strategy, market conditions and product knowledge. Her ability to grasp the core features of a product or service and then create both a written and visual marketing plan is unparalleled. In the four years I worked with Brenda, success was the keyword, regardless of the limited time frame she was often given to complete her job. She is a pleasure to work with and offers constructive feedback to accomplish the team’s goals… a true professional.”


Valerie Chan, Founder & CEO, Plat4orm

“Brenda Mahedy and I worked together for 4 years. Throughout that time, she was a consummate professional with an incredible ability to distill complex legal concepts and technologies into digestible, compelling content. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”


Will Robberts, President, TesoRx Pharma & LIPAC Oncology

“Brenda Mahedy brings a highly-valuable composite of strategic, creative and operational talents to the table – which is an uncommon blend among professional marketers. She is a highly-motivated resource with a track record of quality work completed on time, on budget and to spec. Most importantly, Brenda has repeatedly demonstrated unwavering integrity and diligence while assisting with confidential corporate transactions and other sensitive business circumstances. Her Beeline Studio clients are in good hands.”


Clare Foley, Director of Sales, Veritext Legal

“Not only is Brenda Mahedy a consummate professional whose creativity is first-class, but she is also keenly aware of the business as a whole and seeks ways to stay on budget, eliminate superfluous spending and provide input into different areas of the business. Finally, Brenda is truly a joy to work with and I have gladly referred third parties to her and Beeline Studio.”


Martin Bangs, CFO, Opus 2

“Working with Brenda over the past 5 years, I am very pleased to recommend her as an exceptional colleague. Based in Denver - but working for a UK team - presents plenty of challenges but Brenda is a true self-starter. Her passion, clarity of thought, patience, creativity and organisation skills, all combined with terrific work ethic, meant that she achieved such a lot in her time with us. Very importantly, I enjoyed every moment working with her.”


Jason Primuth, EVP Strategy & Innovation, Lexitas

“Brenda is the most impressive marketing executive I have ever encountered. In the three years we worked together, she proved to be dedicated, innovative and strategic. She was able to handle anything from low-level to high-level tasks with consistent skill and enthusiasm.”


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