integrated services

We build your marketing operation one integral piece at a time.

Beeline Studio delivers a full range of marketing-related services, from executive leadership for your marketing department, to creative direction, to project-based execution of your marketing programs.

Brenda Mahedy, Principal Consultant for Beeline Studio, brings rich professional experience in high-tech marketing management and achieving results.

Brand Development & Messaging

Are you projecting a brand that is aligned with your business plan and your market opportunity? Beeline Studio audits your existing marketing tools and tactics to identify where sweeping updates or calculated refinements are warranted.  

Our proprietary Beeline Messaging Matrix™ aggregates key information such as vision and mission statements, style guides, competitive research and business plans, and drives the creation of value propositions, positioning statements, differentiators, keywords, compelling key messages and much more.

At the conclusion of a Beeline Studio engagement, your brand and top-line messaging are fitting-expressions of your business.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive landscapes are always shifting and sometimes an outside perspective can illuminate new ways to differentiate your business and brand. Beeline Studio helps clients to review their relative position in the market and to identify the essence upon which they can truly compete. This insight influences the creation of messaging themes and marketing strategies.


Campaign Planning, Strategy and Execution

Many clients engage Beeline Studio to develop promotional campaigns that generate greater demand for their offerings or boost customer loyalty. Beeline Studio creates detailed inbound and outbound strategies. Our programs span various specialties, including marketing automation, email marketing, print and digital advertising campaigns with lead-generation baked in, social and PR, and trade show circuits. Beeline manages the production of all supporting materials, including purpose-built furnishings and display structures, workflow plans, calls to action, and content assets.


Website Development

Whether you need to reskin an existing website or build a new site from the ground up, Beeline Studio helps you achieve your objectives quickly and cost effectively. Beeline Studio handles the project from soup-to-nuts, including creative direction and design, project management, search engine optimization, copywriting, software integration planning, lead generation functionality, tracking and analytics, and user experience.

Our proprietary Beeline Working Web™ is a dynamic prototype of the site’s navigation, metadata, text and visuals which simplifies client revisions throughout the project. Along with our wireframes, mock-ups and graphical support, the Beeline Working Web can be transferred to a web environment by your web developer or ours.

Beeline Studio also runs reports on site-visitation, site-performance and keyword-success to diagnose potential weaknesses and to explore solutions.



Copy Writing & Content Creation

Beeline Studio helps clients to express themes and information in high-quality writing, visuals and multimedia. Our professional writing services span academic ghostwriting, advertising copy, SEO-friendly landing pages, scripting, and much more. Beeline Studio has extensive experience generating original content from industry surveys, custom programs, and expert interviews.

Our in-house creative services include desktop publishing for brochures, flyers and slide-decks; web page design; video story-boarding and production; business stationery; and email signatures and other digital media.




Fractional CMO

Drawing upon nearly two decades of senior management experience in the marketing field, Brenda Mahedy serves as an interim or fractional Chief Marketing Officer while companies navigate corporate transactions, reorganizations and turnover. Some clients require a temporary stop-gap to maintain the momentum of ongoing programs while others seek a professional to establish a new department:  articulating goals, outlining hiring plans, defining budgets, developing marketing plans, optimizing departmental software tools, and generally setting a course for marketing success.

Special Projects

Beeline Studio augments your staff when special projects require more bandwidth than is available, different expertise than your in-house resources possess, or when projects need to be compartmentalized for confidentiality during corporate restructuring and transactions. Sample engagements include: preparing sensitive internal and external communications in advance of downsizing; liaising with technical, R&D, sales and marketing departments to produce white papers and case studies; producing editorial calendars and freelance blogging; preparing go-to-market plans for new products; auditing and optimizing existing systems and processes; and evaluating new marketing tools and platforms to evaluate whether they fulfill business objectives.